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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When does Kadaknath Chicken gain 1 Kg body weight? Ask Sakthivel- Kadaknath FAQ's 2

Any Desi chicken in India is a slow grower with very lean meat and low egg laying capacity. Kadaknath is also a Desi chicken with similar weight gain. Also good feed availability, good management and good sanitation has its role in Kadaknath weight gain.

Normally when Kadakanth Chickens are free ranged, they exercise and loose bad fat like any Desi country chicken. The below values will vary in field and for us also. WHY? because poultry breeding by selection is an never ending process. Corporates pour millions in poultry breeding for meat. We too spend on breeding but not in a filthy way. Plans for getting a good stable weight gain is being executed with vets. Hope we will achieve by 2018.

Live chicken weight tabulation

male  wt
 female wt
 1st day

You may gasp "Should I wait till 6 months?" . Yes!!!

Can I get a fast growing kadaknath like Giriraja. Well we don't support any such crosses. We will never do that. Its Rudras Kadaknath's Policy not to lend our stocks for breeders who may try such and spoil the gene pool and in the long term Kadaknath's name. Also we wont sell to farms who may try to introduce through  contract farming model. Because we have seen contract farms running amok with peoples money in country chicken. We wont let it happen in Kadaknath sold from us in all ways possible.

Will the market accept BLACK Kadaknath meat?
Yes. Didn't we accept Coke/Noodles/Pani Puri. Everything takes time to reach the masses. Kadaknath is not for the masses. It is for the elites. It has got low fat, low cholesterol, tastes better and bought for medicine making by Siddha/ Varma Doctors. Ask them.

Can I buy Kadakanth for my home as low as 20 chicks?
Of course. We will deliver to you with utmost care in person.

Will you deliver to me at my home town?
Yes. Wherever you are just call us and find a good place to take delivery. We are flexible. We service ALL OVER INDIA covering most towns and villages.

Call or missed call @ 9597223986

-Rudras Breeders
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