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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Vaccinate Kadaknath Chickens

Chickens get hundreds of diseases just like humans and any other living beings. Kadaknath is also a Chicken breed. As far as I have seen in two years of Kadaknath rearing, I have only seen common Coccidiosis infection due to high humidity inside my farm in the early days. I shall post separately how to raise Kadaknath chickens cheaply, healthy and safe at the lowest cost possible. 

I have done only the following vaccinations to my flock and nothing else. The mortality of my farm birds is less than 0.5% The Three main vaccinations which I do are:

  1. F1 vaccine in the first week end (costs <Rs.100 for five hundred birds)
  2. IBD vaccine in the second week end (costs <Rs.200 for five hundred birds)
  3. RD vaccine in the sixth month 
How to Administer the Vaccine?

   When you buy the Vaccine, get a polythene cover of Ice. Transport the two sealed glass vials of vaccine materials in the ice covered cover. Also buy a syringe with needle. Go to home. Pierce the sealed liquid content. Suck it the with syringe and then open the other glass veil with solid or crystal content(killed germs). Then pour the liquid into it. Shake the content. Then give one or two drops of vaccine to all chicks through eye or mouth without the needlePlease see that the syringe has its needle removed. Do not harm the chicks in anyway.  There is a duct or tube connecting the eye, nostrils and mouth. So vaccines can be given through mouth and eyes. Do not administer through nostrils! Nostril(Nose) is for air passage only.
       Do not reuse the left out vaccine. After giving the vaccines let the chicks drink some fresh water with milk or glucose. 
        That's it.  

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