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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kadaknath Chicken Feed

Do you think Chicken feed is a BIG Science?

I too was baffled in my initial days of Chicken rearing. I started reading Scott book, It was tougher than my college book. Truth about Chicken feed is Chickens know what they want! We need not feed them If you let these guys out.

Normally, Kadaknath Chicken feed can be made by ourself by giving maize crumbs in the first seven days and then by feeding broiler pre-starter feed with less fish meal for some one or two month and then you can feed broiler starter feed, Vegetable market waste, Azolla( I shall teach you about Azolla culture in a separate post), Spinach, Grass etc., After two months give Kadaknath Chicken can be fed with 20% protein diet.

Let your chickens out and let them play and fight. Let the Kadaknath Chicks eat a variety. I am striving towards Organic Kadaknath Chicken. Soon I shall be able to give you Organic Kadaknath Chicken Feed production techniques.

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