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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Difference between Kadaknath Chicken and Ayam Cemani

A lot of us get intrigued by the origin of Kadaknath Chicken. Government claims it to be Jhabua or some parts of Madhya Pradesh due to kadaknath chickens sparse occurrence there. How did this chicken originate in India? is a big question. True.

In Tamil nadu, there are many sidhdha poems dating back to many thousand years about the concoctions made from black meat chicken. This fact gives us a opinion that black meat chickens were in existence here in Tamil nadu many thousand years back here.

The melanism process have occurred may be by natural process. We should have come across the Ayam Cemani breed or Silkie chicken having same properties as Kadaknath Chicken.

But Ayam cemani looks a lot similar to Kadaknath in outer appaearance . Please visit

We can see there is marked difference in body fat and comb. Most Ayam cemani are having pointed comb and body looks lean.

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