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Sunday, August 25, 2013

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"Rudras Breeders
Posted on November 23, 2012 by Editor in Poultry/Dairy

Driven by passion for Chicken, Mr. Satish Kumar established poultry farm in Jolarpettai to earn his livelihood
Rudras Breeders poultry farm was the brainchild of Mr. Satish Kumar in 2009. It was started in the year 2010 in Jolarpettai in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu. Mr. Sakthivel S, is the proprietor and Manager (Business Development) of Rudras Breeders. Satish wanted to start a business to contribute value to society and to earn livelihood. He ventured into this business in 2009.
Mr. Sathish’s passion was chicken. He used to purchase chicks in retail from farmers and fellow people in and around Jolarpettai. His passion was opening a quality country chicken farm. So, he visited farms of other people, and traveled far off places in Tamil Nadu to get first hand information about hatching chickens. After initial setbacks in this business, the firm makes an online presence through a year back and now the firm is sending their chicks to far off places in India like New Delhi, Jamnagar, kota etc. The company is grown and committed to serve any number of needs to its repeat customers and thus the sales improved gradually over a period of time. What started as a small 16 X 11 sq. ft farm is now 800 sq. ft big farm and another 1,500 sq. ft farm will be operational shortly.
There are bigger broiler chicken business giants. But Rudras Breeders main concern was hatching country chicken. It was not produced in mass and not sold in mass in Tamil Nadu. The firm decided to go for hatching country chicken and purchased small flocks to start with. The firm’s vision is to become the largest quality pure country chicken provider by the year 2017. So, the firm is inching towards their goal step by step daily. As the demand is more, the firm decided to enter into tie-ups with fellow farmers who hatch country chicken and adhere to the firm’s standards and quality.
To start the firm in a small way, Mr.Shakthivel borrowed Rs.4,000 from his friend Mr.Thiayagarajan. The firm faced a lot of hardships during the initial stages of its operation. Mr. Shakthivel picked up the nuances of rearing chicken initially by reading books and getting a one day training. One dedicated supervisor to supervise 3,000 birds and one helper to clean farm and its equipments per 1,000 birds is what is needed to start with. One can starts poultry farm in a small way with an initial investment of Rs.30,000 and monthly operational cost of Rs. 4-5,000.
A piece of advise to the starters
Pick any of your passion or whatever you believe in. The main thing one wants to do is that start in a small way. One should not worry about returns, cash flow or margins. If one is doing the business means money is definitely coming out of that business. Talk to them or learn about that business. Even Rudras too started and failed twice. So the firm learnt the lessons without losing much. After the initial setbacks is overcome, the next step is to sell your products.
One should go for networking. Networking means meeting people and asking them how to sell your products to bigger players in the market. In marketing, one should get rid of shyness. To attract customers one should give discounts also. In this way one can increase their customer base. When the customer base is solid then there is no question of looking back. The show goes on. For better on-line presence even Rudras tried many but gave new customers and thus the business is flourished. For Rudras’ success the firm remembers the agri portals help.
Rudras Breeders thought that the farmers were their customers. Today the company boasts that apart from farmers, IT engineers, lecturers, chicken hobbyists and unemployed youths were their customers. The firm’s goal is to sell at least 10 chicks to any one who wants to rear chicken in their backyard. So the firm is open to all.
The firm’s first breakthrough came when it sent 10 chicks to Salem successfully and got repeat orders from the customers. When chicks are delivered in small numbers the customer bears the cost. When the firm gets big orders the firm bears the transportation cost. So the firm built a very strong relationships with many frequent travelers, delivery vans and other means of vehicle owners to deliver the chicks safely. To transport live chicks and hatching eggs safely is important. So the firm has a cordial relationship with transport owners and delivery agents. Chicks are delivered across the country through mini lorry, bus, delivery vans, rail and by air.
Health and hygiene of chicks:
Health and hygiene is the most important thing in chicken rearing. One should not be lazy in this because the smallest negligence will cost chicks’ life and money. The firm maintains bio security measures. It cleans the farm twice a day for wet litters, feeders washed once a day, litter changed once a week. Lysol is sprayed and spilled feed is removed now and then to stop flies and rats. Fencing to the farm should be strong to prevent predators like cats, dogs and raccoons. Vaccination on specified days to chicks is a must to prevent diseases.
First two months of a country chicken rearing is most important. The firm feeds standard manufactured feed till two months old. The firm gives variety of feed viz veggies, spinach and worms etc. Maintaining health and hygiene of chicks is the prime concern.
The latest technology has also crept into poultry farming. They are automatic feeder, drinker and gas brooders.
Mr. Sakthivel S., is an MCA graduate from Anna University, Coimbatore. He is the proprietor and Manager (Business Development) of Rudras Breeders.
Mr. Sakthivel says that the toughest period in rearing chicken is summer as the heat increases the chicken is prone to diseases. Cooling the chicken by spraying water on the roofs, supplying lemonades to the chicken and sometimes we have to spray water on them too.
“The firm has got many big plans. By mid-2013, we are going to add excellent country chicken breed. By 2017, the firm will have a larger country chicken breeder with customer service team, healthy, pure and quality country chicks and chicken providers in India. Rudras R & D, Rudras pet feed division, Rudras aquarium, Rudras kennels, Rudras chicken food restaurants were in the pipeline,’’ Mr. Sakthivel concludes.

For further information contact:
                   Mr. Sakthivel,
                   Rudras Breeders,
                   40/9, Babu Rao Street,
                   Jolarpettai- 635851.
                   Vellore District,
                   Tamil Nadu.
                    Mobile: 9597223986
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