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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ask Sakthivel- Kadaknath FAQ's 1

what's all about kadaknath? how it is different from other country fowls?, 

meat wise, weight wise, and laying eggs, hatching etc

-Mr.Gode Prasad

what's all about kadaknath?

Kadaknath, kalamasi, black meat chicken, karungkozhi, karuppu kozhi, black chicken whatever they are called in different parts in India, Their main importance lie in their meat quality inside. 

"It doesnt matter what Its lies Outside, Its whats Inside  that counts" :-)

How did this Holy chicken!!! got its black meat, lies scientifically in its gene causing Fibromelonisis. Its gene evolved over a lot of years back may be, produces melanin pigment. This melanin pigment enters its blood vessels, tissues, cartilage, bones sometimes, comb, leg scales except eggs. 

In Tamil Siddha text there are a lot of attributions stating that Black Chicken can cure paralysis, skin diseases, to give stamina to lean persons, insect bites and there are many more disease... I have a lot of such texts with me collected over a period of time by my own interest in Kadaknath.

How it is different from other country fowls? ......

Kadaknath is totally black outside and inside out with major four variations. Totally black plumage, penciled plumage, golden plumage, maximum white plumage.

The meat tastes better than a ordinary country chicken. Its bones are very hard. Imagine eating a mutton. Eggs are very tasty and yummy. The egg shell is harder and with orange yolk. 

Remember Kadaknath is also a country chicken type only. And its truly Indian!!! There are more than 22 breeds of country chicken inside India. 

The eggs are brown to light brown shelled and kadaknath chicks hatch out at 21 days only. Eggs are laid in clutches of 10-15 and the kadaknath mother is a very bad brooder hen. She has other jobs to attend to!!! May be! I use Incubators and ordinary country chickens to brood over the eggs. Normally these Chicka boys are very tiny than a broiler chick and are very beautiful that you can kiss them all day. So irresistible that we stay with the chicks for a very long time inside the farm itself.  

The Kadaknath Cocks are similar to a shallow size country chicken. They reach 1.05 kg around 6 months and Kadaknath Hens reach 1 kg in  6 months. Feed Conversion Ratio is around 2.5 that is it takes 2.5 kg feed to gain 1 kg meat.

They consume same feed like ordinary chicken. Although we follow a very special diet evolved over years and equipped with our experience to get quality eggs. It was a trial and error method. The chicks now have high livability due to this special diet. 

Kadaknath eggs Hatchability is around 50% to 85% sometimes if hatched with Incubator. With broody hen we get 10-12 chicks out of 13 eggs. 

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kadaknath Chicks eating drumstick leaf at our farm

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